Parent and Guardian Support

Consultation for Parents and Co-Parents



  • Parenting is one of the hardest, yet most rewarding jobs there is. When you are in the midst of the early childhood years it might be harder to see those rewarding pieces. If your child has special needs you have an even harder job than most parents.

  • Having support to implement the parenting skills you want to use, or to learn more successful approaches, can help you find the joy you were anticipating. Even during these challenging early years when your child is requiring undivided, constant attention, it is possible to enjoy your child.

  • Parent Consultation is available as frequently as it fits into your schedule, making it a flexible approach to meeting your own needs and the needs of your child.


Therapy for Parenting Couples



  • When your child is struggling the whole family struggles. Childhood developmental, emotional or behavioral issues are hard on your relationship as a couple

  • You have little time to yourselves and might have trouble agreeing on the best parenting approach. You feel as if the other isn’t doing enough, or you find yourself being over-protective when your partner tries to set limits. Maybe you are the limit setter and you are frustrated with your partner for being so permissive. 

  • Whatever the struggle, young children are hard on their parents’ relationship. Getting consultation for parenting issues  is protective of your family and can relieve the unhappiness that might be creeping into your lives.

  • You can definitely find a way to do this as a team and enjoy parenting together.

Therapy for Single Parents



  • Parenting alone definitely has its benefits-no need to negotiate about rules or privileges, no one to argue with about who is cooking tonight. Let’s face it though, this was probably not the plan. And if it was, you had no idea it would be this hard.

  • The resentment, exhaustion or loneliness that can build when parenting with little support might just take much of the pleasure away. 

  • As a single-parent you can do a wonderful job of raising your child, but you don’t have to do it alone.

  • With a safe, supportive place to explore your pain and share your successes, you and your child can have a rich, fun-filled relationship that brings joy to you both.

Parent Support Groups and Consultation


Parent Support Group


Parenting is hard work, but when your children are very young the challenge can at times be overwhelming.  This ongoing parent support group is designed to offer a nurturing space for you to reflect on the experiences of parenting toddlers and preschoolers. Come prepared to listen and share at your own pace.

 We will explore immediate parenting issues and connect them to your own childhood experiences and to your dreams for your child. This experience will inform your parenting practices. You will have the opportunity to envision the parent you want to be, your best self, and work toward that goal. Specific situations and current dilemmas will be carefully addressed by group members and the facilitator, an experienced marriage and family therapist who specializes in parenting and early childhood.

Circle of Security® Parent Group


Are you searching for help in parenting your young child? Do you find yourself being overly restrictive, and yelling a lot? Or maybe family members say that you’re spoiling your child or that you’re over-protective. Circle of Security® is a nurturing, yet structured, approach to learning more about your parenting style, and developing more effective parenting skills. Explore parenting dilemmas and challenges, discover the balance between protection, nurture and limit-setting in a supportive group setting. The group is facilitated by a Marriage and Family Therapist certified as a Circle of Security® parent educator.


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