Support For Parents and Young Children

Support for Parents and Their Babies

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Infant-Parent therapy is designed for soon-to-be parents and those with children under age three. If you have a fussy baby, toddler who throws tantrums or had a stressful pregnancy, this might just be the extra bit of support that you need.  

Help for Children with Recent Traumas

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For very young children an event that that feels scary, such as witnessing violence or losing a loved one, or even divorce, can present huge challenges for you and your child. Therapy can help your child feel safer, and more secure.

Help for Children with Developmental Challenges

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Does your child have autism spectrum symptoms? Learning differences? Speech and Language delays? Developmental issues can lead to struggles with behavior and social interactions that will improve with play therapy.

Help for Children with Anxiety

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Your child might worry excessively about things or become anxious when it is time to separate from you. Therapy will result in positive behavioral and emotional changes for your child and reduced stress for you.

Help for Children with Hyperactivity

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If your child has difficulty being still, taking turns or following routines, life can be challenging for everyone in the family. Child therapy helps children learn self-control and how to slow down.

Help for Children with Behavior Problems

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Behavior problems can be caused by many things, but play therapy can help your child be more cooperative, kinder to others and generally easier to be with.

About Child Therapy

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What is Play Therapy?

Play therapy can look quite different depending on the needs of your child. The most important things to know are:

  • Play is your child's language and play is healing. Play is a child's way of doing "talk therapy."

  • Play is the best way for infants, toddlers, preschoolers or school age children to express themselves and a wonderful language for adults to re-learn! 

  • Play builds the bonds that help you to guide and teach your child. It builds powerful, secure attachment behaviors that will support your child through life.

About Assessment




Before beginning early intervention or child therapy it is important to complete an assessment. An assessment is also a good idea if you just want consultation. This helps us gain an understanding of what is happening for your child, what your child is trying to communicate through his or her behavior, your child’s strengths and challenges, and how the two or three of you are navigating your relationship.

An assessment can begin with interviews, informal observations and questionnaires, but the addition of a structured play-based experience is a powerful way to gather important information. 

Your child's play-based assessment is completed over three or four sessions. In the first session, before the play experience, you will share important developmental and social history.

In the next one or two sessions you and your child will complete a series of play-based tasks together. With your permission, these sessions will be recorded so that we can look together at what went well and what needs strengthening. 

It is incredibly important to identify your child’s strengths because these will be his best tools for learning and relating. We will build on these strengths as we address needs.

If you would like a written report that can be arranged, but the most important part of this experience is the opportunity to sit back, in a relaxed setting, and watch your child in action. With a video you can objectively think about the experience that the two of you had together and use it as an integral part of goal planning.  You can also look back later and see all of the progress your child has made.

Parent Support and Child Therapy in San Mateo

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