Infant-Parent Psychotherapy for Prenatal/Postpartum Depression and Anxiety

Is your baby fussy?


Infant-Parent Psychotherapy is designed for parents who will soon be giving birth through parents with children three-years old.

A fussy baby who is difficult to console can make you feel like you're not up to the job.

 If you had a particularly stressful pregnancy or delivery, this might just be the extra bit of support that you need.

You have probably heard of postpartum depression, but  depression and anxiety often occur during pregnancy, as well as during the first year after birth. Asking for help as soon as you begin to feel symptoms  will support you and your new baby.

Is your toddler pushing your buttons?


  • A baby or toddler with special needs requires an extra special set of parenting skills.

  • A pushy toddler who always demands  that things be  just so can really make you angry.

  •   If there were aspects of your own childhood that you want to avoid bringing into this new relationship, infant-parent therapy is a great place to start.   

Do you need emotional support?


  • Many new parents feel isolated, worried, or sad. You don't have to manage these feelings alone.

  • Therapy can help you to be more successful in managing both your emotional responses and your baby's needs. 

  • You and your baby can both feel better and find the joy that this parent-child relationship brings.