Attachment-Based Therapy


Playful, Nurturing Engagement

Attachment -based child treatment models are used all over the world with documented success. Child-parent therapy addresses key parenting areas to aid you in identifying and addressing the needs that will best support your child's unique development. This form of treatment also reduces behavior problems, and emotional challenges


Treatment for Emotional, Behavioral and Developmental Challenges

Attachment-based child treatment is beneficial for children with a variety of concerns. Some of your worries might be about shyness, withdrawal or anxiety.

Other challenges might be oppositional or defiant behavior and the impulsivity and hyperactivity symptoms of ADHD

Child-parent treatment provides results for children because it is an interactive, relationship-based treatment that focuses on joyful, loving experiences with you, the most important person in your child's life.


Treatment for Attachment Issues

Because of it's focus on nurturing and engagement child-parent therapy is the type of child therapy used most frequently to treat attachment issues in children who have been adopted or are in foster care.  

In attachment-based therapy, you will be supported to actively engage your child in a playful, light-hearted way that encourages cooperation, builds attachment and increases self-confidence and self-esteem. 

Therapeutic Play Groups


Building Social Skills

Young children love to be with their peers, but certain abilities are required for successful group experiences, such as:

  • taking turns 
  • agreeing on rules
  • sharing space
  • communicating needs
  • reading non-verbal social cues 

Some children need more practice then others. Therapeutic group experiences offer a safe, structured environment for developing strong social-emotional skills. Social and emotional skills are the foundation for success in school and in life.


Parent-Child Groups

Preschool children learn best with their parents and caregivers close by so that they can have emotional support to translate new social skills to other environments.  


Join a twelve-week interactive attachment-based group for preschool aged children with emotional, behavioral and /or developmental challenges. This parent participation group supports positive social-emotional development through joyful, playful peer and parent-child interactions . We will work on staying engaged, following routines and limits, social skills, managing frustration,  impulse control and feeling secure and confident.


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