Play Therapy For Children With Developmental Differences


Relationship Based Play Therapy

Does your child have autism spectrum symptoms? Learning differences? Hyperactivity? Speech and Language delays? These, and many other developmental issues, can lead to struggles with  behavior and social interactions.

Social engagement challenges, struggles with communication and behavior problems improve with play therapy, but the therapy needs to be tailored to meet your child's needs.

You, as the caregiver, also need experienced support by someone who understands what you're going through. Both you and your child are carefully attended to in this treatment model.


Treatment Based on Sound Evidence

Floortime  supports relational communication and socialization in many children with developmental differences.

In floortime your child chooses the play and you initially follow your child's lead, with the goal of increasing communication, problem solving, creativity and flexibility.

As your child finds ways to stay engaged with you, you will expand the  play to provide appropriate challenge, widen the communication repertoire and support growth in all areas of development. 


A Collaborative Approach

You probably have a very busy schedule keeping up with all of your child's activities and therapies. You need support for all that you do, so we will build that right into our time together.

It can be incredibly exhausting to raise a child with special needs, because children who struggle with social interaction need lots of practice with interpersonal engagement. 

You will be encouraged to practice Floortime with your child at home and  we will meet regularly to discuss the treatment, look at the effectiveness of it, review treatment goals and think about how your child is progressing at school and at home. 

IEP Support

If you have a child with Special needs, you might be looking for support around evaluation, qualification and Services for:

  • Individual educational Plans (IEP's) from the Public School District or
  • IFSP's from the Regional Center

Consultation, on-site support and collaboration are available, in addition to the above services.